GTAV PC Port to Include Rockstar Editor

After a long wait, the PC port of Rockstar’s modern day classic, Grand Theft Auto V, is set to release tomorrow.

Those who have been pining for a PC release will be pleased to know that their wait has not been in vain, as Rockstar have gone the extra mile in ensuring that GTAV’s PC release is the best possible version of the game.

Amid the graphical upgrades and other overhauls, Rockstar have also announced that GTAV’s PC version will include a new feature called ‘Rockstar Editor’.

Unveiled in a detailed and informative trailer, the Rockstar Editor is a PC-exclusive tool that will allow players to upload, edit and create video in Grand Theft Auto V to their heart’s content. Featuring a bevy of options, players will be able to tweak virtually ever detail of their recorded footage, including depth of field customization, filters and audio enhancements.

For more information regarding the Rockstar Editor, be sure to check out the trailer above.


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