Guacamelee was one of my all-time favorite metroid-vania style games I ever played. The art style was awesome, the combat was punchy and fun, the writing was clever and intriguing, and it was just all-around a really good game. Since I played it, some things had actually been added to it that I wish I stayed in the loop about! They eventually added four-player co-op to the game (previously had a max of two), but that was long after the game had come out. Even without that, though, the game was great, and I still recommend it to anyone looking for a good action-platformed who loves meteoroid-vania style games.

Guacamelee 2 was at PAX East this year and I’m so thankful that I got to play it because it picks up the torch that the first game left so well. It feels like the first game just never ended and it kept going on with the same great writing, beautiful visuals, and satisfying combat. You also have the four-player co-op right from the get-go, which does take a little getting used to. There are A LOT of colors going on on that screen at any given time and it’s real easy to lose yourself amid the chaos. I will say I think I enjoyed playing it more with just one other person or alone than with three others. However, I think with three good friends, and without taking it too seriously, it could be a real gas.

The game is just straight-up fun to play, and you can tell that they’ve really taken what was wrong with the first game and just tried to make those things better. There wasn’t even that much wrong with the original, but they’ve done a whole lot to make the experience better. The visuals have been kicked up a notch, with more ambient lighting and slightly more detailed coloring on certain objects. You might not think that it does a lot for the game, but it seriously makes some of the areas in the game beautiful to look at. I haven’t played the full game yet but I already can’t recommend it enough from the demo that I played. The characters, especially the bad guys are funny as hell, and you can turn into a giant killer chicken sometimes.

So there’s that.

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