Guest Review: Skylanders Giants

You can scale the mountains, slay the dragons, meet the Vikings, become marines, come across giants and get into a world of your choice by choosing one of the many virtual games available. Not just for adults, kids have their own assorted range of games and there are many times when we get equally absorbed with the kids. The latest release to the ever-growing games list is Skylanders Giants. It is a game that fascinates all age groups.

A recap:

Released last festive season, the original Skylanders was an instant hit and many loved playing it. However, the game was not a very long one with just linear levels and limited options once you get into the game. After a point, you get the feeling that more time was spent on perfecting the toys that spring to life than spending time in designing the environment they are supposed to live in. Though it did offer the fun and charm equation, it didn’t have the challenge we find in almost all games today. The game seemed incomplete after a point and felt shortened towards the end. With Skylanders Giants, the developer, Toys For Bob, has brought in more features and has made the game more interesting.

The giants:

With the first version becoming an instant hit, the Giant was expected to take a back seat. The level has been brought down from 22 to 16. However, it is the only thing that has been reduced. The design has been enhanced to make the game more engaging and the 16 levels are just right for the game. The levels are not deceptively simple as they were in the original version. The pathways are filled with hidden routes, secret passages and bonus points which remove the linear element of the previous version. There are unexpected thrills with more secrets lurking in the secret passages and come as a surprise. It is more fun to explore the building knowing there are more surprises as you explore.

Few characters are now available for free. In the original game you can see the secret passageways barricaded by a door which can be opened by a nook or crannie available exclusively for that level. However, they have to be bought to unlock every barrier you come across. You don’t have to buy much in this version. When you have a decent collection of characters, you can open barricades without any investment. Though kids may not be too happy with this change, one cannot help but appreciate the developer for making the game more economic.

The game play:

It has not changed much from the original version. The framework is still the same with kids’ level loot-drop action and a little RPG coating. As you advance with the levels, your character also improves. You can collect treasures along the way and cash them to strengthen your progress. The jumping is not much except on pre-determined jump pads which makes it easy for younger players. This does not mean the game is simple to play. The combats towards the end get tricky and the games get harder with every level you advance. There are few addictive new games like the Skytones tile games.

The game is not all about added features and options, the complexities as you advance make it rewarding when you finish the game. You will not feel unfair when you lose and have to play the game again. Once you finish, you will be surprised to find the number of collectibles you missed or the areas you didn’t explore. The whole point of the game is to keep buying new toys and leveling them up as you advance.

The highlight of the game:

They are the giants and are the ones who look invincible. They can move boulders effortlessly and kill small enemies by just walking over them. They add the extra edge to the game. They can open barricades for you effortlessly. There are a lot of chances for these giants to become default primary characters as you progress.

The developers have taken up the same game and given it more. It is a well-balanced game providing the right smoothness, and at the same time projecting the right challenges when you advance. In short, it will make a great gift for your kid this Christmas!


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