Guitar Hero Live is coming to us this fall, and we now have some behind-the-scenes footage and info to check out to get us excited to play with more plastic guitars…because you need a new one, even though you probably have like 6 of them dating back to 2005.

I’m actually a little bit interested in it now that I’ve checked out some of the gameplay and seen how much they put into making you feel like a real guitar player – rather than the goofy avatars you could pick from in the old games. With all the real pre-recorded crowds, the game being entirely from your point of view, and no more goofy green-orange buttons (changing them out for just 3 buttons), changes to the series are plentiful. While I’m not sure how hard the game is gonna be with only that many buttons to work with, I’m sure it’ll work nonetheless.

For those of you with beautiful singing voices out there, singing is also making a return! So I’m sure this game will be a major hit with drunk college kids even more than it would have already been. Check out the video above!


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