Gunplay Has Never Looked so Sophisticated: The Art of Gun Fu

On a tip from one of our guest authors I watched a short clip called The Art of Gun Fu, and I can honestly say that I’ve never seen a gun fired more gracefully.  The Yung Lee of the Gak Attack channel is the star of this short, which features his martial arts talents mixed in with gunplay.  Imagine watching someone practicing with a traditional martial arts weapon such as a bo, katana, or nun chucks, but instead of wielding these skillful weapons the warrior had a gun in their place.

All I could think about while watching this clip are those random martial arts expos that you may occasionally see on ESPN, where martial arts masters give performances with their weapon of choice.  I’m definitely a fan of Gun Fu now, and you should be too.  Check out Lee getting his Gun Fu on below.  You’ve never seen a gun wielded with such perfection…

The Art of Gun Fu


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