Guys, Another ‘Sharknado’ Movie is Coming Next Month

Look, I know I’m guilty. The first time I was made aware of a made-only-for-tv movie about storms that tossed sharks on unsuspecting people with names like Fin, I was all in. When they announced a sequel, I was excited in a “let’s see how terribly amazing they can make this” kind of way. Then they made a third one, and I was okay with it because Mark Cuban was the president and I thought that was kind of funny.

But now there’s a fourth (Cuarto! Quatriéme! Vierte! 4th!!) version of the same story coming to your channel surfing wave at the end of next month. Same story, different city. This time the shark-infested tornadoes attack the Vegas Strip but – as you can see in the trailer above – are quickly deterred by the hip-thrusting professionals at Chippendales, because why not?

Sharknado: The 4th Awakens (seriously, that’s the title) will air on Syfy on July 31st.


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