Gfycat Now Allows for 60-second Long GIFs For Better Video Game Bragging

Gfycat is an online GIF creation site that used to only allow for 15-second long GIFs to be created. Considering the popularity of the image format for memes, or for bragging rights if you’re a gamer or someone who pulled off an amazing feat, it is widely used by all to show off their skills, or to provide an animated reaction to something they found on the Internet. While 15-second long GIFs may be fine for memes and reactions, it’s a bit constraining for a gamer who may want to show off the full scope of an amazing accomplishment or display of skill.

Well, Gfycat has committed to giving GIF makers more control over the length of their GIFs, so starting today you can now create 60-second long GIFs for free, and you don’t even need an account. I tried the service, and found it easy to use, so I present my first 60-second long gaming GIF. It’s not planned out, so it’s not cool or awesome in the least, but I wanted to test out Gyfcat, so I just ¬†slapped something easy on their site.

Overall it took about 20-minutes for the GIF to get created based on a video I uploaded to their site, so it’s not a fast process for these longer GIFs, but it works and can be done with $0.

If you want to get started making your own super duper long GIFs, you need to head over to Gfycat.

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