The huge new zombie game from Sony Online Entertainment, H1Z1, is set to hit Steam Early Access soon, and you can get your hands on it for of course, a small price. For just $19.99, access to the early build of H1Z1 can be yours, though players will also be able to opt into a more expensive option should they wish. This has not yet been discussed however and so remains a mystery as it is right now.

SOE have straight up stated that H1Z1 is not feature complete by a long shot, and even stated that it is no way near as good as Day Z. Yet. The honesty here is pretty clear, though the team also state that they are aiming for a different approach entirely and have a focus on MMO aspects as oppose to Day Z. Once players do get going however they will have access to 64k square kilometers which they plan to rapidly expand.

H1Z1 has a while to go, but if you are interested in it then be sure to check out the screenshots below, as well as the game itself when it hits Steam Early Access on January 15th of next year.



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