H1Z1 the curiously named new zombie game coming from the ever popular Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) has finally landed on Steam, and you can play it right now. Ever since its announcement people have looked at H1Z1 as just another Day Z-alike but SOE are determined to show naysayers that this simply is not the case.

H1Z1 boasts an MMO experience not offered by the likes of Day Z, as well as a whole different approach to things. If you thought  you had the zombie genre nailed down to a tee, then H1Z1 is about to prove you wrong. Take a look at the press release below giving a small but generous glimpse at what H1Z1 offers gamers.

Set in a post-apocalyptic world, H1Z1 is a zombie survival MMO where players must use their wits and skills, as well as strategically align with friends and fight-off enemies to survive the worldwide infection. A game truly about survival, players will have to overcome environmental elements such as starvation, weather and animals, hordes of zombies, and other hostile players if they want to live. To increase their chances of survival, players will need to be creative with materials found in the world and utilize the game’s expansive crafting system to construct weapons, buildings and more.

To accommodate a variety of playstyles, players have access to multiple ruleset servers in H1Z1 that can be mixed and matched, including: Player vs Player, Player vs. Environment, Head Shots Only, Hardcore and First-Person Only. Additionally, private servers will be tested throughout Early Access, giving players the power to create their own rulesets and community. Though the program will gradually expand, initially private servers will be invite-only to ensure adequate time for testing and refinements.

If H1Z1 has you interested, then you can purchase and play the game yourself right now. Just be aware that you are purchasing a very early version of a game that is not at all feature complete. Players will have the following 2 options when purchasing the game in the form of standard and premium methods through Steam.

  • Standard – $19.99 USD – Includes Early Access to H1Z1, as well as 3 Event Tickets, 2 Crates and 1 Crate Key
  • Premium – $39.99 USD – Includes Early Access to H1Z1, as well as 25 Event Tickets, 3 Airdrop Tickets, 6 Crates, 4 Crate Keys and an exclusive Aviator Hat Crafting Recipe

Expect more on the ambitious title as development continues, and be sure to head to Entertainment Buddha for all you need to know.


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