H1Z1 Releases Hoard of New Features

H1Z1, a popular zombie survival game, just got a pretty update with four major additions: a medical facility location, an Item Exchange System, fully functional All-Terrain Vehicles (ATV), and last but not least, the game’s first female zombie.

Voiced by popular Twitch streamer LegendaryLea, the first female zombie is surely an enemy you’d want to avoid. The teaser above provides a small clip of insight for the voice recording behind the game (you may want to turn your volume down just a little bit).

Kurama Medical is the name of the new location for H1Z1 and contains a plethora of content loops for both the interior and exterior of the facility. Clues found within the facility itself will provide players with the story behind those who once sought shelter within Kurama Medical. This combined with the various items and medicine to discover aims to add both hope for surviving an unforgiving air of dread to the already creepy atmosphere.

These new items found provide a perfect playground for the game’s new Item Exchange System. By bundling items together, these packages can be traded for rarer rewards. Some of these treasures are only available to obtain via the new system, so players will be easily motivated to utilize the new feature. Additionally, new skins for outfits and weapons are available to discover via Mercenary Crates, giving an update to the aesthetics of the game.

ATVs have been included in the update, as well. Though these do not provide certain safety, they do aid players in traversing between new and old locations at a hasty pace. Needless to say, this can incite cooperative teamwork and perilous dilemmas when the owner of an ATV encounters envious players.

More is surely in store for H1Z1. If this patch is of any indication to the direction of the game’s vision, we’re all in for some big surprises in both current and future updates.


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