‘H1Z1’ Splits Into Two Distinct Titles: ‘Just Survive’ and ‘King of the Kill’

Daybreak Games, developer and publisher of H1Z1, recently released two teaser trailers promoting two titles that the original game is dividing into: Just Survive and King of the Kill.

Just Survive acquisitions the open-world survival aspect H1Z1 harbored when it originally launched in early 2015. It’s a fight for survival where rampantly running zombies are just as dangerous as neighboring communities of mankind fighting for survival. Scavenging resources, crafting gear, and building shelters all remain aspects of the game, so those familiar with the original H1Z1 should find it an incredibly easy transition.

King of the Kill is an arena-based multiplayer online shooter with a more competitive mindset. Various game modes will be introduced to the standalone title, including PLAYERUNKOWN’s Battle Royale. Both titles will continue to exist within the same H1Z1 universe; however, each title will have its own development milestones and independent teams working on them.

Both games are currently available on PC for $19.99 each. Anyone who purchased H1Z1 before or on February 16 will receive both titles in their Steam Library. Just Survive will remain in Steam Early Access until the end of 2016, where as King of the Kill will officially release out of Early Access this summer on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Above rests the teaser trailer for Just Survive. Here’s a sneak peak for King of the Kill:

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