I was not lucky enough to play the original version of Halcyon 6 last year. Naturally when the chance presented itself, I jumped to be able to play Halcyon 6: Lightspeed Edition. This game reminds me so much of XCOM in many ways. This is by no means a bad thing. There is A LOT to this game so lets get right on with it.

Halcyon 6: Lightspeed Edition is a tactical/strategy game set in space. There are tons of elements to the game and they aren’t completely explained. You are commanding the population onboard the Halcyon. You are tasked with building up the interior of the Halcyon. The inside of the Halcyon is setup a lot like the command post in XCOM 2. There are multitudes of different things you are able to build from a dark matter manipulator to an officer’s quarters. The meat of the game is spent in space, developing relationships with other alien races and visiting different worlds. You start out with one ship and one commander. There are three different classes of ships and you get two ships from each class starting out. The ships can be further upgraded depending on the commander that you have leveled up.

Beautiful pixelated space combat.

Speaking of the captains there are different classes of captains you can obtain. The classes will determine the abilities you can use on the ships and on ground combat. From what I understand, there is a significant upgrade to the officer progression system from the original Halcyon 6. Progression as a whole has been sped up in this version, where campaigns can now take as little as one to twelve hours to complete. The combat in Halcyon 6: Lightspeed Edition is turn based. You can take part in combat in space or on the ground. I enjoyed the space combat much more than the ground combat. There are different affixes that affect how much damage you do. You need to pick skills that have the most effect on your enemies. It is turn based so it is simple back and forth battles with cool downs on your abilities. Nothing too over the top or special from everything else that I’ve played in this realm.

The graphics in this game are nostalgic feeling pixel art. It looks great playing on the PC, no need to worry about FPS when the game is entirely pixelated. The space travel is a tad confusing at first. It took me a very long time to figure out how to set out my different commanders to different areas of space to collect resources. The game operates on a daily cycle and different things take up certain amounts of time. To be able to fly through space to different nodes and celestial bodies, time will go forward. This well accelerate your research projects at Halcyon as well. During this time out, your home base can be invaded by space pirates. It is your job to get back to Halcyon, or deploy ships to defend if they are docked at the home base. The UI and HUD have a lot going on at once. At one time I think I had 10+ ongoing missions that I didn’t completely understand how to complete. Rewards for doing these missions includes experience, dark matter, resources and another form of currency used to progress. Most of these missions are time sensitive so you need to balance how you use your time in this game.

High level ships doing battle with a boss, in space.

There isn’t an ultimate consequence if you don’t complete them in time. You will miss out on all your rewards, which you might not want to do because you gain resources daily, but the gain is slow unless you research and upgrade your different buildings. Halcyon 6 has a lot of micromanaging in regards to building new sections in your base and resource management. I love the intense progression system in the game. Each captain has an extensive skill tree that affects their combat abilities and grants other passive effects. The ships can be upgraded as well, giving them more hull strength or effecting their other stats. Also extensive is the research tree. You are able to research new facilities to build and new ship upgrades, amongst other things. Halcyon 6: Lightspeed Edition has a lot to offer. I think that multiple playthroughs would be the smartest thing to do with this title to gain the full benefits. I love it, though it can be really complicated at times, Halcyon 6: Lightspeed Edition is a solid upgrade the the already stellar strategy/action game.

'Halcyon 6: Lightspeed Edition' Review Summary

Story - 5.4
Gameplay - 7.8
Graphics - 8.3
Sound - 7.7
Entertainment Value - 8.8


Fun Space Strategy

Halcyon 6: Lightspeed Edition has a lot to bring to the table. Though most screens are confusing at first and the direction was a little hard to follow, the game is solid. Combat is fun and leveling up my commanders gave me a lot of choice with skills. Halcyon 6: Lightspeed Edition is bound to take up a good chunk of my time in the future!


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Review statement: The copy of this game was supplied by the developer for the sake of this review.

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