Halo Anniversary Worth Buying? Well Does a Bear Sh*t in the Woods?

Halo Combat Evolved: Anniversary Edition came out this week, and it’s great, but I’d imagine there’s a large portion of gamers out there who weren’t sure if they should pick this game up or not.  In my opinion if you don’t think you need to play this game you’re the equivalent of a communist, or a straight up Playstation fanboy.  How could anyone that calls themselves a hardcore gamer not want to play the HD enhanced version of the game that literally enabled Microsoft to compete in the video game industry in the first place?  Not to mention that the original Halo also ushered in the popularity of FPS games on consoles.  Before Halo: CE the FPS genre was more or less absent from console gaming, so the title deserves respect and your hard earned $40.

Outside of the respect factor Halo: CEA is just a flat out great game.  It was one of the best titles of the pre-next-gen era, and a classic that many young gamers look to as their Super Mario Bros.  The original Halo just managed to mesmerize everyone that played it, and it led to one of the most popular gaming franchises of all-time.  So why not play the beefed up HD version?  It’s a no brainer to me, but I’m sure other more frugal gamers may have balked at the idea of buying Halo 1 for a second time.  To these people I say this, “Get a job you no money having bum!”

The original Halo is one of those video games that one could argue needs to be played by anyone that is serious about gaming, so this Anniversary Edition is the perfect chance to play this classic for anyone that missed out on its initial run back in 2001 (seriously though how have you not played Halo 1 if you fall into this category).  The improved visuals are leaps and bounds better than the 2001 version, but the ability to switch back to the classic look is also a nice touch for purists.  Even the classic mode comes off looking like a rose in Halo: CEA, so you can’t even claim that you don’t want to play it because it’s sacrilegious to change a property after it has been released, because you can still have the same experience as you did in 2001 if you really want to.  Now this line of thinking may hold true for films (GEORGE!), but I love the movement of next-genifying some of the classics from the days before HD visuals even existed.

I’m sure I’m coming off as some sort of Halo Homer, but the franchise deserves the adoration of its fans.  Every title has been a treat, and this HD reboot of the original is no different.  The new HD visuals will cause any fan of the classic to do a double take due to how much they really add to this 10 year old game.  3D adopters can also play this reboot in the third dimension while using their voice with the kinect.  With all of the improvements to an already awesome game how can you not shell out the measly $40 it costs to pick this super package up?

I’ll leave you with this – If you’ve never played the original Halo then buying the Anniversary Edition is mandatory, shame on you for never playing it in the first place.  If you’ve played it back in 2001 and loved it, then it’s also mandatory for you to buy the HD reboot.  Basically, YES, this game is totally worth buying even if you played it a million times back in 2001.  The improvements deserve your attention, so take some time away from Skyrim and the killing fields of MW3 to play one of the classics in video game history.  You’ve been needing to fit this into your Holiday gaming lineup…

Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary Old vs. New Comparison


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