Halo Anniversary’s Truth and Reconciliation on Legendary Sucks Balls

UPDATE: This rant still applies to the Halo: The Master Chief Collection version of Halo: CE Anniversary, which still will give you a fit on Legendary Solo.

UPDATE: I finally beat this d*ck of a level and you can read my strategies here.

I’ve been ranting and raving about Halo Combet Evloved Anniversary Edition all week, and it does deserve the praise that it gets, but my God is its third level a son of a b*tch on Legendary Solo or what?  I’m referring to the dreaded Truth and Rconciliation level where Master Chief and his band of merry Marines have to infiltrate a Covenant war ship to save Keyes.  The first part of this level really isn’t that challenging while playing on Legendary by yourself, but once you get beamed aboard the ship all hell breaks loose.

The sad thing is that I knew that this particular level would be a challenge, because I have very deep emotional scars from beating it back in 2001 on Legendary.  It’s an absolute nightmare that requires just about the same amount of skill and luck to conquer.  I’m currently stuck at what I consider to be the most challenging section of this pain in the a*s level, which is the very first checkpoint once you board the ship.  I’m referring to the room where you are beamed into after beating the two Hunters down on the ground.  This section quickly populates with super Elites brandishing swords and shields that are nearly impenetrable.  There’s also grunts and jackals spawning from every direction, which makes this part of T&R a stroke inducer.  I even had to break out one of my battle damaged controllers, so I could abuse it without the fear of smashing another brand new $60 piece of equipment.

I’ve read about other gamers struggling with this section as well, but unfortunately the advice ranges from message board heroes who make claims that it’s the easiest level of all-time (I f*cking hate people like this and would love to see them shred through this level on Legendary Solo with the ease that they claim in their posts), to other commenters mentioning the use of skulls that I don’t have in my possession yet.  I honestly think my checkpoint may be glitches out, because a majority of gamers said that they got a checkpoint to advance after killing 4 of the sword Elites, which I’ve done many times over plus some on at least 50 of my retries to no avail.  I’ve hidden in the passage ways, I’ve used my sniper, I’ve used the active camo, I’m using grunt funeral, but none of these tactics seem to stop an endless wave of respawning Covenant soldiers.

Cheapest Mother F*ckers in the entire game!

I did read a post where one gamer mentioned a similar experience, but he said after chagnign the game to Classic mode he got the checkpoint when you’re supposed to.  I tried this as well, but I’m not seeing the same result.  It’s bad enough that I lost a little sleep over it, because I hate letting a video game get the best of me.

I’m hoping for a miracle when I fire it up again tonight.  Who knows, maybe by turning it off and giving it a break will produce better results.  I’m hoping for the same effect that is achieved by restarting a computer.  Maybe this will help to stop the seemingly endless respawns of sword wielding Elites.  I swear I’ve fought close to 8 of them during more than one of my 1,000 attempts to get past this f*cking checkpoint, and it’s really getting the best of me.  I will conquer this bullish*t level, but it may cost me my soul.

If you have had similar issues with this section of Truth and Reconciliation please share them using the comments section below.  I’d be interested in hearing your tips and tricks if you managed to get past it with your sanity in tact.  I’d also like to welcome your b*tching about it as well, because that’s more or less what this entire post is about.  The only thing I don’t want to see is how easy it was for you and your amazing gaming skills, because I call BS on that.  This level is far from a cake walk, and besides, unless you can prove it to me via a gameplay video I think you’re just embellishing your gamer skills to feel better about yourself.  I f*cking hate games on their hardest difficulty setting!  You’ve been wishing that achievements were never invented so you could just play games on the dummy setting and actually have fun…


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