Halo 3 Über fanboy Philip Sejong Kang has created a near 23 minute Halo machinima movie filmed entirely with in-game assets called Halo: Eye of the Storm.  It’s absolutely retarded to think about the amount of planning and time that Kang had to put into this project to get it perfected.  Eye of the Storm puts other Halo machinima projects like Red vs Blue to shame, because it was filmed by only using shots from the Halo 3 campaign.  I love RvB, but those shorts are much easier (well not easy by any means, but much more forgiving than using the game’s campaign) to create because they’re filmed in multiplayer where the gamer/director has more control over what is happening on screen.

Through his answers to the commenting public Kang laid out how long each shot took, and it’s mind numbing.  What’s even more depressing is that the video doesn’t even have 1,000 hits yet, so this poor guy invested hundreds of hours into its creation for no real payoff in the end.  Maybe he made it out of love for the Halo franchise, but I’d imagine he was hoping for some sort of viral appeal to skyrocket the vid’s hit count to FreddieW like numbers.  Regardless, Eye of the Storm is a fan made masterpiece that at least needs to be glanced at to realize how much work Kang put into this project.

I know 23 minutes is a lot of time to ask for when watching a YouTube video, but this Halo 3 machinima movie deserves at least a few minutes of your attention.  Hell, add it to your favorites in YouTube and watch it in pieces, or whatever it takes for you to get through it.  It needs to be appreciate, so show another passionate Halo gamer some love and give Kang a few more hits by watching his work below.  You’ve been thinking that this guy has a serious amount of free time on his hands…

Facts about Halo: Eye of the Storm

  • Halo: Eye of the Storm took just under two years to complete
  • Each shot took an average of 5 hours to capture.
  • The first 2-minute scene is made up of around 55 shots. That means it took approximately 275 hours to capture. (There are 12 scenes in the movie.)
  • Halo: Eye of the Storm is the only Halo machinima of its scope to ever be captured entirely in Campaign mode
  • It was done by one guy working alone (not counting voice actors and titles)

HALO: Eye of the Storm


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