Halo: Reach “Birth of a Spartan” Trailer Leaves You Wanting a Halo Movie

I watched the full version of the “Birth of a Spartan” live action short on Xbox Live today, and it only left me wanting a full on Halo film.  It is done so well it made me scratch my head in amazement at why Hollywood can’t get its shit together and produce a Halo movie.  At one point, it was a “Go”, and even had one of the best movie-makers in the world behind it in Peter Jackson.  For some reason, probably a bunch of rich white guys in suits, the project was dropped.  At least it lead to the creation of “District 9“, which is one of the best original Sci-Fi movies ever made.

If you don’t have Xbox Live Gold, or missed the short last night during “V”, the E.B. has you covered.  I have it posted for you at the bottom of this article.  Trust me, if you aren’t a Halo fan you should still watch it.  I know the Halo universe would make for a great summer blockbuster, and this live action short only helps to support that belief.  Please note this is the shorter version, but it still does a great job of hyping Halo: Reach, and the wonderful world created by the group over at Bungie.  You’ve been augmented Spartan…

“Birth of a Spartan”


For old times sake here is Spartan 259 and Noble Team in action video game style!


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