Halo: Reach – ‘Deliver Hope’ Live Action Short Extended

If you have been watching any sort of prime time TV the last few weeks I’m sure you’ve seen the commercial for Halo: Reach that has a somber song and a Spartan carrying a bomb.  Every time I see it I get teary eyed.  How can there not be a Halo movie yet?  There’s such a strong emotional bond that gamers have with the Halo franchise, and seeing it in live action just makes me want more.

I know I’m beating this subject like a dead horse, but just watch for yourself.  Gamers may have more of a reaction to it because we’ve seen Halo evolve into what it is now, but it’s still an awesome 2.5 minute mini-movie.  It gets me pumped and sad at the same time.  Poor little Reach based Spartans.  Yes, I do menstruate!  You’ve been getting emotional over videogames too, don’t lie…


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