Yes, I was one of those a-holes who got a copy of Halo: Reach at midnight.  Yes, I’m glad I did it!  I can confirm without a doubt that the positive reviews this game has been getting are legit.  I’m a few hours into the campaign and like other critics, I agree that it’s the best Halo game yet.  I like to attribute this feeling to the fact that you’re no longer Master Chief.

Master Chief is the bomb, but he’s Master Chief and not you.  With Halo: Reach you are made to feel like a Spartan.  You assume the identity of Noble 6 and become one with him through various customizations.  I was totally jacked when I saw my Spartan come on screen wearing the custom armor that I created for him before the game started.  He even had the emblem I made for him on his armor!

Sometimes the little things in life go a long way, and this is completely true with Halo: Reach.  For example, I set my multiplayer preferences for chat, play style, etc., and then when I started the campaign I heard the Noble team commander yelling at my guy for being a lone wolf, which is the preference I put in for MP play.  Small stuff but it went a long way in creating the illusion of being in the game itself.

Speaking of the game, it’s the best looking Halo to date.  It does have a grittier feel than the MC Halos, ditching the purple tones for a more Earthy feel.  Halo: Reach doesn’t feel as cartoony either.  I don’t know how to explain it, but it just seems more life like.  There’s some blur action going on during certain cut scenes, but it works.  The scale is much larger as well.

The battles taking place are a great example of this larger scale.  There’s no longer little pockets of fighting with the Covenant.  It’s straight up chaos each time you hit their next stronghold.  Thank God you’re playing with other Spartans, which is the whoop by the way.  It just seems much more bad*ss to roll with super soldiers versus your regular UNSC soldiers.  You won’t hear any of your Noble team members whimpering with fear during intense battles.

What can I say?  I’m a big fan so far.  So big I don’t feel like writing anymore because I just want to continue my Legendary Solo run through the campaign.  Sorry folks, but Halo: Reach wins out over writing for E.B..  I’ll follow this up with a conclusive review down the road.  I need to beat the campaign and get started with the multiplayer piece before that though.  You’ve been urged to play Halo: Reach…

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