I can’t believe Halo: Reach is almost here and I haven’t even pre-ordered it yet.  After reading some early reviews of the game it’s safe to say that I’ll be hitting up my local Gamestop today.  It’s not like I wasn’t going to get Halo: Reach, it’s more of me being a lazy gamer.  Every review I’ve seen has more or less sucked Bungie’s collective weiners over this game.  That isn’t surprising considering Bungie is one of the best game devs out there, but Halo: Reach is probably getting the most praise a Halo game has ever received.  I must admit, reading these reviews have finally got me jacked for this game.

I may have to participate in the midnight launch now with all of the other degenerates and parents who can’t say NO to their sh*tty teenagers.  I really wasn’t looking forward to the awkwardness felt at these events, but the reviews are giving me motivation to deal with said doucheness.  Too bad most of my gaming crew has moved out West, so this is the one issue that may prevent me from doing the midnight shuffle.  It’s sort of been tradition for games like this to play cooperatively with bros as soon as it comes out, but after reading these reviews that may have to be broken.  Check them out below and get ready for the last Bungie created Halo game, or so they say.  We could have a Legendary Solo run in the making a la Par Don U style!  You’ve been trying to pretend you don’t care about Halo: Reach…

Joystiq Halo: Reach Review

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