HALO Reach: Looking Like Another Bungie Masterpiece

HALO, the beginning of it all for Xbox and for most, the start of their gaming careers.  HALO Reach, the next piece of awesome that Bungie is working on is due out this September.  In the mean time HALO junkies can get their fix for the next piece of the HALO universe this May when the Reach multiplayer beta goes live.  Will you be getting in on the action?  Check out this new information on the game’s multiplayer offering, and a brief vid on the gameplay itself.

Bungie hasn’t let us down yet[slider title=”.”]Bungie – The development studio behind the HALO universe, and some of the best multiplayer creators of all-time.[/slider]  You may be bored of the HALO franchise, but you have to admit that Bungie has their shit together.  Have they ever put out a crappy game?  The gameplay of all of the HALO titles are always dialed in, and you don’t see Bungie scrambling to pump down patches to fix their multiplayer like some other [slider title=”devs”]EPIC, DICE, 2K, IW, and the list goes on and on.[/slider] we know, wink, wink.

From watching the video below I’m getting geeked about its release.  How about those jet packs, and super duper shield things?  For more explanation on all of the new perks added to HALO Reach multiplayer check out Bunige’s official site.  Looks like the changes they have in place will make an already award-winning multiplayer even more enticing than before.


You’ve been enlightened…


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