Halo: Reach To Have a Million Different Editions

The new trend in selling games these days is to release your new title in various different editions.  This tactic is used to grab a few more bucks out of fanboys and collectors who always have to have the super duper editions of a particular game or collectible.  At one time I was one of these suckers, but I have given that habit up after buying the Master Chief head from Halo 3.

Keeping with the times Bungie is releasing Halo: Reach in multiple editions with the Legendary set offering the most goodies.  Instead of a Spartan head you’ll get a Mcfarlane statue featuring the Spartans from Halo: Reach.  I think the packaging looks bad ass, but the $149.99 price is a little too steep just for a cool looking tin box.

Some of the other goodies include in-game MP armor for Elites, and a flaming helmet for the Spartans.  Check out some pics below to see the boxed set, Elite armor, and the Spartan flaming head deal.

You’ve been enlightened…

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