There’s a new Halo fan film making its rounds on the Internet, and just like the live action TV spots for Reach it proves, that if done right, a Halo movie could be amazing.  Halo: The Fallen was completed just using 200 bucks, which is mind blowing to think of when you see the relatively high production value that it boasts.  Why can’t Hollywood knock something like this out?  I mean give these die hard fans some cash and let them make a Halo movie if the suits in tinsel town continue to snub it.  Why not?

Halo: The Fallen doesn’t quite have the high octane visuals of a Transformers movie, but when you consider that it was made for the same amount of cash that Bay probably spent on his “Bayhem” custom Nike shoes, its less than perfect VFX don’t seem bad at all.  I particularly appreciate the fact that this Halo fan film was created with an R rating in mind.  There’s a few head pops, and headshots that sell the dark side of war, which in my opinion would be necessary in a live action Halo movie.

Head down past the break and see for yourself how well done this Halo fan film truly is.  Just try to refrain from being a douchebag by leaving negative comments on the video’s Youtube page.  I just don’t get some people, sometimes free just isn’t enough when it comes to user created content.  These f*cks have to vent their opinion as if the world really cared to hear it.  Halo: The Fallen isn’t perfect, but f*ck, it was created for $200!  Give the forces behind it a break, and thank them for their FREE contribution.  If you have something negative to say about it why don’t you try creating something original for the world to see first.  Maybe then you’ll realize how much time it takes to be a creator versus a consumer of pop culture!  You’ve been given another Internet protocol lesson now quit being a troll…

HALO: The Fallen (Prologue) // FAN FILM

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