As the subtitle states, the latest video explores three huge new parts of Halo: The Master Chief Collection. In the video, Max from 343 Industries guides viewers through some brilliant and highly innovative new features of the game, each of which helps the already incredibly polished game to stand out even more. To start with, Max shows off the new feature allowing players to simply click on any achievement from the very well organized array, and then enter the level of which the achievement can be gained.

For the achievement hunters out there, this is bound to be a feature many will adore. Because The Master Chief Collection makes it so simple to select achievements, it is extremely likely to encourage that ‘one last time’ frame of mind.

Max also showed off the rivals system, which on top of Halo‘s multiplayer arena scene, is guaranteed to be a popular part of the game. Here, players will be able to face off against those in the leaderboards and really try to prove their worth. With an on screen tracker, as well as various medals popping up showing one’s skill, playing against rivals is bound to be a lot of fun.

In less than a month, players will be reliving the awesome tales of Master Chief when Halo: The Master Chief Collection makes a massive splash on the Xbox One on November 11th. Stay tuned to Entertainment Buddha for more on Master Chief and all his spin offs.


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