Halo Wars 2 Reveal is a Good Thing

For a long time I figured I was just about the only one who enjoyed Halo Wars, 343 Industries first foray into the Halo Universe and (in my opinion) one of the only truly Console-Playable RTS games ever made.

However apparently it wasn’t just me eager to find out the fate of UNSC Spirit of Fire and her crew as Microsoft closed out their Gencon presentation with a shiny new teaser trailer for an upcoming Halo Wars 2.  Apparently 343 are taking the lead again but supposedly this time with input by Creative Assembly, the Total War masters. That pedigree is enough to get me excited, even if I didn’t love the first one already.

We don’t get alot of info from the trailer, in fact not even enough to confirm whether the survivors from the first Halo Wars will be making an appearance here but we do see what looks like the new antagonist; a mean looking Brute with a seriously nasty Gravity Hammer. My first thought was Tartarus from Halo 2 (the Halo Wars series takes place before Halo:CE) but then I thought maybe I’m a Brute racist.

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