Halo:Reach Legendary Solo Campaign Progress Glitch

*UPDATE* Possible fix listed in comments section

I’m writing this as a public service message to all of you Halo: Reach Legendary Solo enthusiasts out there.  I have proof that your campaign progress can get glitched out and result in all of your painful progress being wiped away like a speck of poo from your bunghole.  It also seems that this glitch wipes out your profile in multiplayer as well removing all of your armor unlocks.  Unfortunately, this exact scenario happened to one of my original and most faithful D.E.Bs.

AFRO, as he is known amongst the gaming circles, diligently accepted the challenge of completing Halo: Reach on Legendary by himself.  This is a challenge that separates the men from the boys and shouldn’t be taken lightly.  You will hurt in every which way while playing through this campaign, and there’s a good chance a part of your soul will be lost forever.  AFRO valiantly accepted this challenge and after a few heavy days of torture completed it yesterday, or so he thought.

I was in a party chat with AFRO when the realization hit the room that he just got F’d in the a*s harder than shoving a square peg in a round hole.  After all of his blood, sweat, and tears were poured into beating the challenge, the game pulled an aggregious error on him.  I guess earlier in the day when he first logged in to finish his campaign the game acted as if he never created a character before.  Not thinking anything was really wrong he filled out the basics and resumed his campaign right where he left off the night before.  So to him nothing seemed wrong, but his Xbox and Halo: Reach didn’t share that same view.

Basically, whatever caused his Halo: Reach Profile to go bonkers also deleted any previous progress in the campaign and multiplayer.  Even though he still had his save, which was towards the end of the game, his previous progess was lost forever.  We all know what that means, SUCKINESS!  So after beating the final fight and feeling the weight of the world lift from his shoulders AFRO was soon to be disappointed in a way that no gamer should experience.  Because the game didn’t count any of his previous progress he only got credit for beating the last level on Legendary.  This means that he wasn’t awarded the massive cheve payout for beating Halo: Reach on Legendary Solo even though he technically did.  He would have to replay each level again to get what was stolen from him.  Total PMD moment for sure.

The real crapper about this story is that Bungie has proof of his campaign progress on their site through its stat tracking system and level cheves, but none of that can be re-downloaded to your Xbox so it knows what you’ve done.  AFRO had just been boned in a way that no gamer ever wishes to experience.  I had my own experience with a mega-boning from a game when GOW2 glitched out and deleted all of my progress for the campaign and multiplayer, so I can feel his pain.  It’s one of the worst feelings in the world, and I don’t wish it upon any serious gamer.  Imagine dedicating yourself to something that is extremely challenging and upon completing the challenge you got nothing for it.  Not even a reach around.

Take the case of AFRO as a warning gamers.  Playing with games is like playing with fire.  Sometimes you’re going to get burnt and it’s going to blow hard.  We put AFRO on suicide watch, so he is safe but he’ll never be the same.  Like a true badass he swallowed his tears and restarted playing his Legendary Solo run through Halo: Reach.  It takes a real man to do what he is doing.  I would’ve easily smashed my game disc and possibley my head into a wall if this happened to me, and then I would’ve curled up in the fetal position and cried myself to sleep.

Just be aware that there is a known profile glitch in Halo: Reach that can screw up your entire progress through all facets of the game.  Bungie best be working on a remedy for this glitch because it is an unexcusable one.  AFRO, Nation is with you!  Finish the fight…again.  You’ve been wanting to storm the offices of Bungie and punch their collective balls…

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