One of the DEBs sent me a video of some white guys on YouTube doing a parody of Jason Derulo’s hit, “Riding Solo” by giving it a Star Wars treatment.  I couldn’t even tell you who Derulo is, but I’m sure his music blows goats.  Hell, most new artists these days all blow, and they all use auto-tune.  Yeah, I guess I’m officially old now that I’m complaining about new music.  Oh well, f*ck it, new music sucks, and if you can’t realize that you’re a dummy.

Anyway, the Han Solo parody of Derulo’s song is pretty solid.  There’s a great hook, and I love the line where the rapper says something like I’m banging Luke’s sister, or something along those lines.  The rapper had to be high as a kite, because the dude couldn’t lip sync at all.  That’s not really the point of the video, but I found myself staring at his unsychned lips, rather than the video itself.  Either way it’s a video that most Star Wars geeks will enjoy.  Check it out for yourself below.  You’ve been picked up in a bar to go and destroy the Death Star, what…


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