Han Solo Shows Up On Conan All Cracked Out – No Joke!

I just watched one of the most odd celebrity interviews I’ve ever seen.  Harrison Ford was on Conan this week, but he also happened to be on some sort of crazy a*s drug.  He looked whacked out of his skull with wide eyes and a nervous tick of rubbing the couch arm like it was a woman’s leg.  Total space case!  I can’t tell if he’s high, or if he is on mushrooms, but I definitely don’t think he was drunk.  He didn’t seem sloppy like a drunk and could talk albeit in a slow fashion like he’s in la-la land.  Good for Han!  Nothing wrong with enjoying your twilight years with some drugs and talk show appearances.  Check it out below, it’s priceless.  Good to see this guy relaxed, because he’s usually uptight in public.  You’ve been wanting what he’s on…

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