Hand of Fate 2 brings back the original game’s distinct RPG storytelling and combo-driven combat with additional features that make this sequel its very own unique game. Some of the additional features are new fighting styles to accompany the addition of two-handed and duel-wielded weapons, companions to help you with combat, new level objectives, a map-based meta board game and so much more!

The magical dealer returns in Hand of Fate 2 to train a brand new heroine in the game of life and death in order for her to exact revenge on the protagonist of the first game, Hand of Fate. As you play, you must build your deck of cards while choosing your own adventures and outcomes.

While chatting with a game developer from Defiant Development, she mentioned how many fans of Hand of Fate have been asking about multiplayer, and if it will ever be introduced to the game. She suggested that there is a tabletop version of Hand of Fate coming soon for multiplayer satisfaction.

Hand of Fate 2 was a ton of fun to play! They’ve added character customization to the adventure which makes the game more personal to the player, and the gameplay is always randomly generated–it’s all about guessing and doing what feels right to you.

Hand of Fate 2 will be coming out sometime in 2017 on Steam, PS4 and Xbox One!

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