Hands-on Impressions of Disney Infinity 3.0 and Its Awesome Star Wars Figures and Gameplay

When Disney Infinity 1.0 first launched I had as much interest in it as poking my eyes out with a rusty spoon, namely because of its obvious kid oriented gameplay and I just don’t really care about old school Disney characters, but my defiance was tested when DI 2.0 was announced thanks to its heavy Marvel focus. I still managed to boycott the franchise because I really don’t need a new collectibles obsession (see my Funko Pop collection), but after hearing that Disney Infinity 3.0 would revolve around Star Wars, the Force reached out to me and piqued my interest.

After getting some hands on time with it at E3 2015, and checking out the awesome looking figures, I can firmly say that I’ll be going all in with the Disney Infinity franchise once the 3.0 edition drops later this year. Being a long time die-hard Star Wars fan it’s not hard to understand my newfound interest in the franchise, especially because I’m a notorious collector of all things Star Wars. The figures themselves are initially what captured my undivided attention thanks to their very animated stylized look, but after playing around in the Hoth level, I’m also now sold on DI 3.0’s gameplay offerings.

Ninja Theory has done a masterful job at bringing the look and feel of Star Wars to the DI franchise. The Hoth level starts off inside the Rebel’s echo base, and eventually takes you out to the snow covered battlefield where you have to take down an encroaching AT-AT walker using nothing more than the character you have placed on the portal pad. The segment requires you to hack at each leg to expose their innards, which you must climb up to pop the batteries out of the AT-AT. Once you do this four times the AT-AT will fall and the objective will be completed, which requires a bit more effort than you may expect for a game that’s predominantly marketed towards younger gamers.


What’s even more interesting about DI 3.0’s gameplay is that you can use any of the available Star Wars characters in any of the available playsets for the line. For example, I played the Hoth level as Yoda, as well as Vader, which was kind of surreal considering that you’re using Vader to take down his own forces. I also appreciated how each character has their own play style. Yoda moved very quickly while attacking thanks to his patented acrobatic attacks, while Vader literally methodically lumbers towards his targets like a boss. These are just two of the available characters from the Star Wars line, so I can’t wait to see how the others behave.

I didn’t get to experience either of the two new toy box modes (Speedway and Takeover), but I did get to see the Mario Kart inspired Speedway mode in action, and it does look like it’ll speak to fans of Nintendo’s iconic racing game, so I’m excited to give it a formal go when the game drops later this year.

Thanks to the awesome stylized look of the Star Wars figures I don’t even think I’d need a game based on them to play to enjoy and appreciate them. On the E3 show floor there was all sorts of concept art and prototypes of the figures, and I wanted to take it all with me to hang in my own home, that’s how badass these little plastic toys look. I love their animated look, and consider each one to be a work of art. I was lucky enough to get a Darth Maul for my visit to Disney’s booth, which you can see below to get a full feel for how amazing these figures are.


Like I mentioned earlier I’ve consciously avoided the Disney Infinity franchise, firstly because I’m not a huge fan of first party Disney characters, and secondly because I knew I’d be obsessed with collecting the full Marvel line, but thanks to an infusion of Star Wars into the franchise, I’m now going down the rabbit hole. I feel much better about this plunge after seeing the figures first hand, as well as actually playing the game, which was much more fun than I imagined, and features a very charming visual aesthetic and style. Star Wars fans come join me, I promise you that you’ll love the figures and the fact that you can take them into a fully realized stylized world based on the franchise we all love and adore. Just don’t blame me for a new collectibles obsession, send that hate mail to the marketing geniuses at Disney.


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