Hands-on Impressions of Killzone: Shadow Fall Intercept From E3 2014

On June 25th a new co-op mode will be released for Killzone: Shadow Fall called ‘Intercept,’ which is a variation on the Horde game mode first made famous in the Gears of War franchise. Rather than just facing waves of increasingly hard enemies, you must work together using class based warriors to defend and hold three locations on a map. In total 4 players can work together using the usual FPS classes such as Assault, Medic, Tactician, and Marksman to beat back waves of Helghan soldiers being controlled by the game’s AI.

I got to play a few matches of Intercept with the developers, and I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised by how much fun this new game mode really is. At the onset of a match you spawn in a base that serves as the team’s HQ where you can offload points you earned from killing enemies that are trying to capture the three areas on a map represented by the letters A, B, and C. There’s also a weapons cache that you can use to cash in points to unlock new weapons like a jetpack, or a Gatling gun.

The goal is to work as a team and hold three capture points
The goal is to work as a team and hold three capture points

To win an Intercept match you must score 1500 total points, which are earned by holding the capture points and killing the enemy soldiers trying to take them. Points earned from the locations on the map tally up automatically, but those you earn from kills must be offloaded at the base, so you’re constantly bouncing between capture points and the base to ensure that your team hits 1500 points before the Helghan forces overrun your positions.

This chaos plays really well into the class based warriors, because each team member must pull their weight to ensure a victory. The medic must be on hand to heal downed soldiers, the engineer can setup deadly turrets to mow down the enemy AI, the assault class has a formidable cache of weapons, and the sniper can pick off enemies with deadly precision. Playing with four other humans truly does feel like a symphony of teamwork, which is a very gratifying experience.

If you don't work as one you will succumb to the Helghan
If you don’t work as one you will succumb to the Helghan

I really found the new Intercept co-op mode for Killzone: Shadow Fall to be very entertaining, and feel that fans of the game and the Killzone franchise in general will enjoy this new game mode. It’s due to hit the PS4 on June 24th, but will also ship a retail version on August 5th. If you have the Season Pass for Shadow Fall you’ll get the Intercept DLC for free, but it can be purchased separately. If you’ve needed an excuse to play a little Killzone on the PS4, this DLC will serve quite nicely.


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