Microsoft officially unveiled the Xbox One X to kick off E3 2017, and I was fortunate to get some hands-on time with it at a showcase event sponsored by Microsoft.

Before diving into how it handled some of the newly revealed titles for it, I must say that from a pure design aesthetic approach, the console is a beautiful piece of machinery. Its diminutive size and smooth lines make it one of MS’s best looking consoles on top of it being the most functional and powerful console to hit the market. It is very similar looking into terms of shape to the Xbox One S, but it’s a bit slimmer and not as wide.

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The care that went into its design is evident thanks to an exploded view of the console that was available on the showcase floor. This display showed off how each part of the console is carefully placed into the housing unit to maximize space, while also allowing for some impressive technology to be packed into it. Simply put, the Xbox One X is a fine looking machine with some very impressive guts, and as I found out at the showcase it also handled games like Super Lucky’s Tale and Assassin’s Creed: Origins with ease.

As I just mentioned I was able to play a few games on Xbox One X development kits, and for the most part I was impressed, but at the same time I wasn’t blown away by what I experienced. I don’t blame this on the One X though, as I believe we’re reaching a critical point in video game visuals in terms of how impressive graphics will look from one generation to the next. I just don’t think we will ever have the “Holy Shit!” moments of gaming past, such as the jump from 8-bit to 16-bit, or 16-bit to 32-bit.

This doesn’t mean that what I played and saw looked unimpressive, because both games looked damn near flawless in 4K with HDR support, but I didn’t feel like I was seeing a major improvement in graphical presentation. This could also be due to the fact that I’ve owned a 4K setup for close to two years now, so the initial shock of 4K visuals with HDR has worn off. Either way the games looked as vibrant as ever and silky smooth in terms of frame rate, so from what I played on the Xbox One X I was impressed, but didn’t experience any sort of graphical transcendence while playing them.

I do believe that the Xbox One X is a solid console for a fair price, so if you have a 4K display and/or surround sound system, I recommend snagging an X. For $499 you get a machine that can play 4K UHD blu-rays with Atmos support, native 4K games at 60fps with Atmos support, and a machine that will one day be able to play Xbox games, Xbox 360 games, as well as older titles for the original Xbox One. I call that a deal, and a good one at that, especially if you’ve held off on buying both Xbox One consoles, or haven’t quite joined this generation of consoles yet.


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