SteelSeries is known for their fancy line of headsets and other accessories. I had the pleasure to get an ears -on preview of three new headsets being released on July 29th.

The Siberia X800/P800 features 7.1 Dolby surround sound. I put the headset on just as a bomb went off in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, and it sounded absolutely amazing. The sound was crystal clear and the headset was comfortable too. Personally, it is hard for me to find the right headset because I am a small person. With that being said, headsets often do not sit right on my teeny tiny little head, but the Siberia X800/P800 fit perfectly.

Ladies, this is most definitely the headset for you. Fellas will appreciate the hours of gameplay for those extra longs days spent playing GTA or Call of Duty with the boys.



The next headset I previewed was the Siberia X300/P300, which is not as plush and fancy as the Siberia X800, but it still sounds great and it very comfortable. The best thing about this headset is that while it is a great gaming headset, it has also been built with everyday use in mind. Use them to listen to music or use them while you travel. The Siberia X300/P300 is so lightweight that you will forget that you are even wearing them after gaming with your friends for hours. Look for the Siberia X300/P300 starting July 29th.

The last headset I got to preview was the Siberia X100/P100. This is the perfect headset for you if you do not have the funds to spring for a high-end headset. This headset is lightweight and comfortable. The Siberia X100/P100 is the perfect headset the young gamer in the family. The great thing about this headset is that the microphone is hidden. This headset will also be released on July 29th.

The last accessory I was able to preview at E3 is the Stratus XL controller for Windows and Android. I played The Witcher 3, but I could not focus on anything else because I was mesmerized by Geralt’s white locks. It also did not help that the sun was setting and all I wanted to do was wade in the water and watch the sun set. The Stratus XL controller is great accessory for those PC gamers that are looking to use a controller. This great things about the Stratus XL is that the controls can be customized to your gaming needs. Go wild with the sensitivity or triggers. Change the controls based on the game you are playing. The Stratus XL is also Steam enabled and can be paired with over 1000 games that allows the use of a controller.



SteelSeries showed off some great product that any gamer would be happy to own. Again, I just want to emphasize how comfortable the headsets are. One thing to remember is that you will need the adapter for any Xbox One headset you purchase. Happy shopping come July 29th!


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