Hands On Preview of Elliot Quest, a Retro Adventure For the Ages


It really is not often that video games released in this day and age truly manage to inspire a grand sense of adventure from its players. Modern day conventions have made many games feel sterile, streamlined, and stale – opting away from true exploration in favor of delicately guiding the player’s experience so they do not stray far away from the intended experience. Elliot Quest, however, is quickly shaping up to be a game that isn’t afraid to eschew these modern day standards, and instead opts to keep things decidedly old school.

Elliot Quest, the brainchild of Luis Zuno and Ansimuz Games, feel very much like a fish out of water when held up to the standards of a late 2013 video game – but in a way that truly feels refreshing. Simple in premise and absolutely gorgeous in its presentation, Elliot Quest, and its retro-inspired everything, is going to be just the ticket for any gamer who wants both great exploration and difficulty.

The first thing that players will notice about Elliot Quest is the game’s gorgeous pixel artwork. The game creates a sense of whimsy and childlike awe from its very outset, thanks largely to the masterfully directed artwork and pixel-perfect animations. Even in its early stages Elliot Quest nails the presentation aspect of the game down perfectly.


It would be impossible to talk about Elliot Quest without drawing parallels to Zelda II. This is intentional of course, as the game is mentioned numerous times throughout Elliot Quest’s KickStarter page. Thematically, Elliot Quest’s Zelda II inspired features work perfectly in conjunction with the game’s visuals and the exploration found within.

During Elliot Quest’s demo, it is easy to get lost in the world. The demo is lengthy, and while it is still abundantly clear that Elliot Quest is in its infancy stages of development, it is clear that Ansimuz Games has big, bold dreams for the product.

Elliot Quest’s demo is a blast from the past in all of the most ideal ways. The tight pixel-based visuals are a treat for the eye and watching Elliot navigate across the various forest platforms while shooting his bow feels very much like the immersive adventure games of the past. Elliot Quest’s controls are relatively simple in premise as well, Elliot can jump and shoot to his heart’s content as he navigates across the game’s large island.  The jump feels great and mastering the slight arc of the bow is a blast, especially when timed with perfect jumps.


Moving through the demo, Elliot Quest lands players into a castle, filled with spikes, skeletons, and the like. Platforming in the castle section is a much more serious affair, as the danger is ramped up – allowing for a sense of true dread.

Elliot Quest is slated to be a massive undertaking. Ansimuz Games plans for 8 massive dungeons and over 16 bosses. If the demo of the game is any indication of what to expect, Elliot Quest is going to be the absolute next big thing in adventure gaming. Thanks to Elliot Quest’s retro graphics and familiar premise, gamers will find themselves right at home exploring the game’s island and uncovering its secrets.

More information regarding Elliot Quest can be found from the game’s KickStarter Page, where it is currently seeking crowd funding to finish the product. On the KickStarter Page, those interested will be able to see some of the behind the scenes work that has gone into creating the unique experience that is Elliot Quest, including concept art and sound design.

Heading over to KickStarter, of course, will allow you to back Elliot Quest on its own quest to  raise $4,000 to complete the project. Various donations incentives can be found on the KickStarter page, and those looking to help a truly amazing project get off the ground should certainly consider donating.

Aside from KickStarter, Elliot Quest is also up for voting on Steam’s Greenlight program, where users may vote to see if they want the game to be added to the massive Steam Library.

Even this early in the game, it is safe to say that Ansimuz Games will be doing big things with Elliot Quest. The retro, yet still unique vision for the game has the ability to really speak to players and with tons to explore and discover, there is nothing not to like about Elliot Quest.

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