So imagine one minute you’re out searching for your lost father off the coast of Antarctica, and the next thing you know you end up inside the stomach of a colossal leviathan. That is pretty much the gist of Extract 237 by indie studio: Project Extract.

Extract 237 is a first & third person, sci-fi, adventure, survival game set inside a massive creature known eponymously as Extract 237. The question that is raised to the player is “how will you survive?”, as the insides of this enormous being is an incredibly hostile environment, and escaping is set to be a challenge.

extract 237 1
High level of detail in Extract 237

The entirety of Extract 237‘s environments are hostile, from digestive fluids, to hostile organisms, sea creatures and human survivors, the entire game sounds like it will be an extreme game of survival. Scavenging weapons and creating makeshift shelters, whilst running, hiding or picking-off the monsters hostile inhabitants will no doubt be key gameplay elements.

You play as Dr. Isabeau Winters, who fortunately comes equipped with a diving apparatus. However, the suit as it stands wont be enough, and upgrades to your weapons and gear will be required to survive. Once Dr. Winters discovers she is inside a mysterious creature, it will become a “tooth and nail” fight to survive and escape the beast. The alternative is to be digested, and that sounds awful.

extract 237 2
You’re not alone

What I was able to play in the tech demo preview was brief, however, it did allow me to get a sense of the atmosphere and visual impressiveness of the game and the new Unreal Engine 4 it’s built in. The effects from the lighting is very good, and important in a game where darkness and tension are key themes.

The detail and variation in the environments were also impressive, and although Extract 237 is a game of survival with elements of horror, I couldn’t help but stop and sight-see at all the strange and curious wonders of a monster’s insides. There’s always something to look at, such as wrecks and cargo from swallowed vessels, to a huge and varied array of organic material. The entire world in this game is packed full of flesh and rubble that you have to clamber over and navigate your way around.

extract 237 3
Probably as scary on the outside as it is inside

Visual effects such as fire, smoke, and dynamic reflections stand out, and are very well done. Sound also plays an interesting role in Extract 237, as horrifying rumbles and groans remind you that you are inside a living creature. All these elements are vital in creating an immersive experience to the player, and set it apart from being a standard survival game set in an ordinary environment. Already Extract 237 is conveying the qualities of a dark yet thrilling experience.

extract 237 4
The lighting is very well done

Extract 237 is in its early stages, but the developers have said they want something playable for people to try out soon. It will be interesting to see what other features the game will eventually include, and how the adventure of Dr. Winters pans out. There’s an abundance of solid art design in this game, and I hope the developers continue on the path of creating an intriguing experience for players.

So, if you’re a fan of survival or adventure games, who also enjoys being drawn in by a high level of detail and immersive environments, then Extract 237 is one to look in to and support if you’re interested.


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