Hands-on Preview of Runbow from PAX East

13AM Games has been hard at work on Runbow which will be released this summer. I had the opportunity to speak to lead artist Lucas Takashi, where we discussed what influenced the game and mechanics. I asked Takashi why nine players, and the response was simple: They are a nine person team and that carried over into the game.

The main mechanic of Runbow is the color, which actually came later on in the development of the game. It was clear to see that Mario Party and Super Smash Bros. influenced the game, but after getting a hands-on preview it was evident that Runbow is in a league of its own.


One of the arena modes being shown during PAX East was Colourmaster. The objective is simple: if you are the runner, make it to the end of the level and collect the trophy. Along the way you can collect power ups that will aid you in your journey to victory. If you are playing as the Colourmaster, you get to mess up the runners in many ways. You can change the color to make platforms disappear, or you can take it to the next level and drop bombs or even stun the runners. The best part of being the Colourmaster is that you are the ninth player that gets to punch the runners as they try to make their way to the trophy.

Takashi has described Runbow as a platformer action, party game. He also mentioned that there is still more news about to come, but he was not at liberty to discuss what it was. There is still no price point for the game, but you will be able to purchase the game for the Wii-U when it is released this summer.

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