Hands-on Preview of the Destiny 2 Campaign on PC In 4K 60FPS

One of the most important aspects of Destiny 2 is that it will play on a PC, which the first game in the franchise didn’t support. There’s obviously a large market of PC gamers who will undoubtedly want to get into the sequel now that it will run on their mega-rigs at 4K with 60FPS.

While at E3 I had a chance to play the game’s campaign during its opening missions — not the very beginning — essentially the same snippet that was shown off during the game’s official reveal in May. We were given a level 20 Warlock to use with 200 Light and plenty of purple gear, so my character was fairly leveled for this stage of the game.

I have to say that the first thing that stood out to me about Destiny 2’s campaign on PC was its visuals. The game doesn’t skip a beat on this platform as it renders 4K visuals flawlessly while keeping a steady 60FPS that didn’t exhibit any frame rate skips or flaws. The lighting, textures, and overall smoothness of Destiny 2’s visuals are without a doubt in tip top shape at this point of the game’s development. As a future Xbox One X owner, I hope this same level of graphical fidelity makes it over to the console version, but having seen the game play on the PS4 at the show I have full confidence that Destiny 2 will look just as pretty if not a tad less perfect on consoles.

In terms of the campaign and its gameplay, Destiny 2 definitely feels like it is embracing more of a traditional FPS narrative. I didn’t feel alone, I felt part of the overall Guardian forces on the Tower, and there is a definite structure to the story and not just going on random missions that get repetitive.

The demo put us right in the middle of the attack on the Tower, so things were chaotic to say the least. I found the AI to be rather tough and in your face, which provided a nice challenge, but even if you die you don’t have to repeat much, plus like Destiny, the enemies stay damaged even after you die, so you can get right back to where you left off without repeating large sections of carnage.

From the Tower my Warlock eventually made it onto the ship attacking the Tower, which offered a new environment to soak in, plus tighter corridors to do battle in. I came across both lower tier enemies, plus a mini-Boss of sorts, which luckily I saved my super for, so I whipped out my sword on fire and started slashing at the boss with waves of fiery energy. Let’s just say he didn’t fair to well against my super, which definitely made me feel like a god for a brief moment.

The demo ended shortly after making my way on the enemy ship, just before the Big Bad came into view, obviously to keep his reveal in the game under wraps until the final release. I have to say that I loved the 25-minutes I played, and definitely have an idea of the more traditional FPS narrative that will be packed into Destiny 2. The original’s lack of a clear story ultimately hampered my experience with it, but I have faith that the sequel will do us campaign-lovers a solid after getting some hands-on time with it in glorious 4K with 60FPS on a high-end gaming PC.

The game drops September 6 for PC, the PS4 family of consoles, and the Xbox One family of consoles. Pre-order it now to score some bonuses!


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