Hands-on Preview PAX East 2015: Catlateral Damage

Cats are little furry creatures that either love you or hate you – there is no in between – with some cats even being known to be quite mischievous, despite the fact that they hide their bad behavior well. While at PAX East I, previewed a game called Catlateral Damage. You might be asking yourself, what would one do in a game named Catlateral Damage? Well, it is very simple: you knock stuff over and make a mess.

Catlateral Damage gives you a first person view of what it is like to be a cat. Basically, the game is a cat simulator that will let you as bad as you want to be. When wreaking havoc at home you can straight up knock things off the shelf or you can go for the more inconspicuous move and simply push the books off the shelf.

Go ahead and knock that stuff off the desk. You’re a cat, it’s what you’re supposed to do.


I spoke to Sean Baptiste (one of the game’s developers) about Catlateral Damage and asked if the home was the only area that was playable. Baptiste stated that there will be two more areas that you will be able to destroy with your cute kitty paws. Get ready to put your cat skills to the test when the game is released later on this year in May on PC and OUYA.

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