Divide by Sheep a math puzzler being published by tinyBuild that combines basic arithmetic and some twisted humor to save sheep in order to continue on. Counting sheep is easy, but what happens when you have laser beams blocking your way? Do you give up or game on? You game on of course!

The little time I got to spend playing Divide by Sheep was a lot of fun. The game looks cute at first, but when I realized that I needed to sacrifice these walking wool bags, I knew what I had to do. When I realized that I could duct tape the sheep back together, I did not feel so bad about playing the game. In all honesty, I really like games like this. Not the math, the twisted humor, that is.

All he wants is to have friends.

By the looks of it I did not think there was a story to Divide by Sheep, but there is. The Grim Reaper is a lonely guy and he wants to have friends like everyone else. Hence why you have to save the sheep because if they die, The Grim Reaper takes their souls.

Divide by Sheep is coming to Steam, Android, iOS, and Amazon later this year. If you have an iOS device then be sure to sign up for the beta test here. This little game about sheep and death was a blast to play.


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