Hands-on Preview PAX East 2015: Extreme Exorcism

It seems that local co-op is making a comeback this year. Some developers are all about bringing people together for a good time. Extreme Exorcism from Golden Ruby Games is a sock’em and bop’em kind of game which resembles the likes of Super Smash Bros. gameplay. I was able to get a hands on preview while I was PAX East and I had a blast playing the game.

In Extreme Exorcism you play as Mae Barron, who performs exorcisms to rid your home of evil spirits. If playing solo is not your thing, there is local co-op you can play with up to three friends. Keep in mind that if you die while playing, you  will need to avoid your ghost at all cost. I say that because if you die, your ghost appears and replicates all your moves before you died. So if you had any cool weapons and got trigger happy, guess what? Your ghost will also be trigger happy.


While playing Extreme Exorcism I noticed there are multiple weapons scattered through out the levels. I thought if I picked one up that I would lose one, but That is not the case. You can carry up to 20 weapons and do some serious damage while playing. If you happen to come across a pair of floating wings, that is an exorcism. Actually, it is an extreme exorcism and collecting it causes any nearby ghosts to be exorcised.

Sadly, I did not get a chance to experience the co-op mode in Extreme Exorcism, but if I did I am sure that it would have been really fun. Especially when one player dies and their ghost is following them around. Extreme Exorcism will be released on the Xbox One, PS4, and PC later on this year.


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