Hands-on Preview PAX East 2015: Fearless Fantasy

Fearless Fantasy was the oddest RPG that I have ever played. The enemies look like they are from a fairytale gone mad and the cutscenes look like an eight year old drew them, but it was interesting to play an RPG on a mobile device.

Fearless Fantasy is already out on Steam, but the game is coming to iOS this year. The main mission is to defeat these strange looking creatures and save a damsel in distress from an unpleasant marriage. I have never been a fan of RPGs, but I did have fun playing this game. What makes this different from other RPGs I’ve played is that this was on an iPad. You plan your attack, but it is executed by completing gestures. The more gestures you complete, the better your chances are for doing the maximum damage.


Just like in any RPG, you still have to strategically plan your attack to make your way to boss battles. I spoke with the CEO of tinyBuild, Alex Nichiporchik and he mentioned during testing that women enjoyed Fearless Fantasy a lot. I have to admit, that I did enjoy playing game because it is really simple to follow along. The mechanics are easy to master and the character designs really make the game.


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