Hands-on Preview PAX East 2015: Just Shapes and Beats

Before I got to the booth to meet with the developers of Bezerk Studios during PAX East, all I could hear was loud, thumping electronic music from their general direction. It was when I got to the booth that I realized it was from a little game known as Just Shapes and Beats.

The title of the game is spot on because all there is to the game is the shapes and beats. It is not to say that it makes this game easy, but it is not overly complicated to master the controls. Each level starts off by displaying the artist name and title of the song. The objective of each level is for the shape to avoid the beat.


I got the opportunity to preview the game and speak to Simon Lachance about Just Shapes and Beats. Lachance had purchased Danimal Cannon’s chip tune album and he fell in love album so much that he needed to make a game out his music. He has since reached out to other artists to have the music featured in the game. Lachance likes to think of it as an indie game supporting indie music. If there was a soundtrack released for the game, Lachance stated that he wants that money to go to the artist.

The game will also feature a level creator where you can use original music to create the level. Lachance is looking forward to seeing how creative the levels will be. Just Shapes and Beats will be headed to PC and consoles will be priced at around $15. For now there is local co-op, but if online capability can be added then expect it to be there when the game is released in Fall 2015.


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