We Are Doomed is a twin stick-shooter that allows you to zap the hell out of baddies. That is all there is to the game, which makes for a simple, yet rewarding gameplay experience. While I was at PAX East I was able to speak with Mobeen Fikree, developer of the game. Fikree wanted to create a game that allowed gamers to relax after a long day in a similar fashion to the way that you would put on your favorite album to decompress.

Fikree stated that the inspiration for We Are Doomed came from a doodle. It was a doodle of a laser beam that grew to become We Are Doomed. After getting a hands-on preview of We Are Doomed, it was evident that Fikree crafted a brilliantly simple game that lets you chase a high score or try your hand at endless waves of destroying baddies.


We Are Doomed is a game that has no story to follow, so your time with the game will be spent playing it, and not watching cutscene after cutscene. In the game it will just be you and your super duper laser beam. We Are Doomed also offers an endless mode that will test your skill to survive wave upon wave of endless baddies. There is also the waves mode, which features each subsequent wave getting progressively harder as you advance.

We Are Doomed is a colorful and vibrant game that features a very chill soundtrack created by Robby Duguay. You can now listen to the soundtrack for We Are Doomed to get a feel for its tone. If you like what you hear, you can buy the EP for $3.00. We Are Doomed is headed to PS4 on April 14 and  Xbox One on April 17. The game will be coming to Steam, but a release date has not been set yet.


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