Hands-On With ‘Arena of Valor’ For Nintendo Switch

I have tried out tons of MOBA games in my day. Hell, I even used to play League of Legends every day for six hours a day back when I had no other responsibilities. I have played every other major MOBA release since then with games like Smite and Heroes of the Storm holding a large candle in this competition. If you are unaware, Tencent is the company that has 100% majority share in Riot Games, developers of the aforementioned game, League of Legends. Well, they produced a MOBA very similar to League called Arena of Valor. Originally, AoV was released on the mobile platform for iOS and Android and quickly became one of the most popular games on the platform. The damn game even has large-scale tournaments for prize pools. I can tell you now that I thoroughly enjoyed my time while the Beta was up and running.

Valhein, the man of the hour.

Having played a little bit of AoV on my phone before, I already had a good feel for the game. The title shares may similarities with League of Legends, even down to the look of the maps. Most of my time spent during the Beta was spent on either the main 5v5 map or the 3v3 map. There were tons of heroes to pick from and all of them were at a special discounted cost for the beta. I eventually racked up enough currency to be able to purchase all of the heroes available, even though I only stuck to about two or three of them. There were different cosmetic options for heroes in the form of new skins, which were discounted as well. None of this really matters though for the long run because all accounts played during the Beta will be wiped for full release.

The game itself played really well on the Nintendo Switch. The majority of my time was played in handheld mode. It was super convenient to have a full on MOBA game in the palm of my hand, not on the mobile platform. The controls on the Switch were very comfortable. There were different settings you can change as far as targeting and auto-attacking are concerned, but the default settings worked well for me. Every game that I played never lasted for more than 10-15 minutes as I pretty much steam-rolled the competition. I am not saying that I am good at MOBA’s by any stretch, but it almost felt like the hero I played as, Valhein, was completely broken. He is a ranged hero that can dish out a ton of damage in a short period of time. Winning felt good and it pushed me to play match after match.

I am excitedly waiting for the full release of the Switch version of Arena of Valor. Having a game like this that runs fairly well on a device like the Switch is almost like a match made in heaven. I can truly see myself sinking plenty of hours into Arena of Valor just like I used to spend playing League of Legends back in the day. Outside of some visual/performance bugs I have nothing bad to say about this port. I feel like AoV will be taken to new heights once it has it’s full launch on the Switch, as this will open up to more players that may have not got the chance to try it on their mobile devices. If you have ever wanted to get into the MOBA genre then picking up Arena of Valor is a step in the right direction.

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