First Impressions: Hands On With Google’s Social Networking App Google+


I’m was lucky enough to get an exclusive invite to Google+ (Plus) yesterday, which is the new social networking app that Google has created to compete with Facebook.  When I say compete I mean completely rip off their intellectual property, which is a common practice in the tech industry.  Google literally copied the framework of FB and slapped their name on it with a “+” symbol.  Now there are some really nice differences such as no ads, no games, video huddles, sparks, and the ability to control your streams, but fundamentally Google+ is a Facebook clone through and through.

No This is Not Facebook.. Meet Google +

I really was taken back when I first saw how closely G+ resembles the FB, but then I started d*cking around with it and found that I do appreciate its subtle differences.  The biggest draw is the ability to easily organize your streams, so you don’t have to read through everyone’s bullsh*t updates about how their day is going.  You can easily create circles, which are fancy names for groups, to lump people together so you have a uniform stream to go to for said group.  By default Google gives you a Friends, Family, Acquaintances, and Following circles, but you can easy add more to fit your likings.  Then all you have to do is click on the appropriate circle to see only those people in your stream.  Voila!  No more Farmville updates, or lame posts from Aunt Bertie!  You can now read the stream that YOU want to read, and not what all of your bozo friends are filling it up with.

G+ Circles Are Used to Manage Streams via a Drag and Drop Method

Outside of circles, and the drag/drop method of managing them, Google+ isn’t different from FB at all.  It looks the same, it feels the same, and functions the same.  If you’ve used FB before you’ve basically used Google+.  Your profile is laid out almost exactly the same to FB, your streams are setup the same way, and even photos are used in a similar manner.  I’m not sh*tting you when I say that I can’t believe Zuckerberg hasn’t sued yet.  If he had to pay those Winklevoss dudes some cash for jacking their idea Google should do the same for him.  He might not be that upset though because he is a member, and he is in one of my circles, albeit with a sourpuss face.

Google+ Profile Page Dead Nuts Copy of Facebook’s

Google + Stream Looks Eerily Familiar No?

Regardless, Google + is something new and will surely draw some attention away from Facebook.  Currently it is only open to awesome people like me, but if it ever offers invites I’ll make sure to get you all involved through a Twitter contest or something self-promoting like that.  I’d like to thank @tarahgaa for the hook up, because without her I’d be like the rest of you sitting on the outside looking in.  I’m sure it’ll evolve over this closed testing phase, so as new features pop up I’ll make sure to keep you in the know.  Until then, na-na-na-na-poo-poo (yes I’m so mature)!  You’ve always been the last person to get anything new…


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