For anybody that’s a fan of PortalMagnetic: Cage Closed should definitely be the next game on your to-play list, the atmosphere and gameplay go super well together. The dark, dank prison that the game takes place in is almost like a more Rapture-esque Aperture complex, it’s not so clean and white and clean-cut. It’s almost a little creepy when combined with the various voices over the loudspeaker, including scientists who talk to you like a slave or a lab rat. Various puzzles are thrown at you in every room that you go into, and every few rooms, you’ll be presented with a moral puzzle rather than a logical puzzle. It might be something along the lines of “Do you want to send this prisoner back to his cell? Or have him killed?” Things like that which leave you puzzling for a while, thinking “jeez, I wonder how that’s gonna affect me down the road, am I gonna get punished for that?”, it really messes with your head.

The gameplay revolves around, you guessed it, magnetism. Attracting and repulsing objects using your giant, terrifying looking magnet gun. You usually have one or more big metal blocks to throw around and try to press switches with, not to mention platforms you can pull out of the wall to make steps with and ascend ledges around the rooms. There are also magnetic pads you can find on walls and floors that you can use to zip around with by using the gun to propel yourself away from them or yank yourself towards one. You can adjust the power of the magnet gun to fit the needs of certain puzzles, like if there’s a switch really far away, you can crank up the power and launch the cube to try to hit the switch. There are also some basic platforming sections scattered about, which aren’t bad, but not nearly as fun as playing with magnets. I’ve never been a big Portal fan, but this game is pretty awesome, and I can’t wait to see it released.

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