Hands-On With New Star Wars POP! Vinyl Bobble-Heads From Funko

I finally received the complete set of the new POP! vinyl Star Wars Bobble-Heads from Funko, and these little b*stards are more awesome than I imagined.  I still don’t know why I need these things as a grown man, but I just can’t seem to shake the collecting bug that was instilled in me as a young Jedi by my Father.  Recently, I’ve become a huge fan of the super deformed vinyl look made popular over in Japan.  I appreciate the over-sized head and minuscule body look of these deformed figures, especially when it’s done to one of the largest pop culture machines in Star Wars.  That’s why these 7 new POP! Star Wars bobbles from Funko originally caught my eye forcing me to purchase them.




Like I said before, I’m glad that I did nab these little guys, because as expected they’re awesomely deformed and right up my alley when it comes to the style of collectibles I go for these days.  As you can see they’re packaged in lively boxes that even have some sort of artistic appeal themselves.  Each bobble is no taller than a few inches, and they come with a stand.  Luckily, the stand can be removed, which was a big question that other geeky collectors like myself had.



I appreciate the stands, because it enables me to line them up more sturdily.  Yes, I still play with toys as is evident in my Darth Vader themed men only p*sser, which you can also check out below (Men only because I practice the, “If it’s yellow let it mellow” mantra to help save the world).  But I do think it’s nice to have the stands removable for those who can’t bear to see their toys standing on anything besides their little plastic legs.  So for those of you that were bummed out about the Star Wars POP! vinyl line having stands unlike their DC brethren, have no fear because those suckers can be removed!


Against all beliefs that most nutty collectors have, I did un-box the Darth Vader bobble.  I just can’t help myself when it comes to the Dark Lord of the Sith.  He and other Empire forces have become my favorite SW items to collect.  This is very clear in the shrine that I have built for him in my man cave bathroom.  Unlike other collectors I have been able to open some of my pieces without having an anxiety attack, which has brought even more joy to my passion.  I’m tired of looking at all of this wasted money just sitting in their packages, so I’m starting to loosen up and letting these little pieces of art free of their cardboard and plastic bonds.  I’ve become a toy liberator of some sorts!  I think I can start a movement here!


Anyway, check out a small video I took of the Star Wars POP! vinyl figures below.  They really are little pieces of awesomeness in a box.  I love the little dot eyes and enormous domes.  In true Empire fanboy status I’d have to say that Vader and the Stormtrooper are my faves, but Chewie takes a very close race for 3rd.  For now, only Vader has been freed of his bonds, but maybe one day I’ll let the rest of these gems out of their cages.  You’ve been wondering where I get all of these wonderful toys, or at least how I haven’t gone into debt over them yet…


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