Hands-on With the Astro A50 Headset: The Only Fully Wireless Gaming Headset You Need

Astro is without a doubt the leader when it comes to premium gaming headsets, which do cost a pretty penny, but as the saying goes, you most definitely get what you pay for when you purchase an Astro headset. Its latest gaming oriented headset, the A50 Wireless, is no different, and after getting some hands-0n time with the unit at E3, gamers and their ears should be very excited.

First off, the A50 is a beautiful looking and very sturdy headset to behold. The Xbox One version sports green trim and highlights, while the PS4/PC combo version opts for a sleek blue trim. The headset is light and seemingly indestructible as our rep demoing the headset twisted it in knots to show off its resiliency. The mic sports the same toughness and can be molested without the fear of damage.


The coolest aspect of the A50 though is that it is a fully wireless gaming headset meaning that you don’t even need to plug it into the Xbox One, PS4, or PC to enable chat. It is completely wire free, which is a godsend since this generation has lacked fully wireless headsets for the Xbox One and PS4. The fully wireless functionality is achieved through the headset’s slick looking dock, which also sports an optical out port and an AUX port if you want to splice in additional sound from another device. It also serves as the charger and eliminates the need for any sort of USB dongle or adapter to hook up to your gaming machines. The A50 also eliminates the need for a mix amp thanks to it being included in the headset itself, which is just another great feature for this headset.


In terms of sound quality the A50 utilizes Dolby 7.1 surround sound to flesh out today’s game’s audio tracks, which is beastly sounding. The overall sound is on par with other high-end Astro headsets if not a bit clearer. Unfortunately during my demo the sound glitched a bit due to the PC we were using, so I didn’t get to spend much time listening to the headset’s full sound capabilities, but I can assure you that your ears won’t be disappointed.

The A50 is also a beast when it comes to battery power thanks to its new accelerometer feature, which will put the headset to sleep when you take it off, and then wake it up when you put them back on. In total the headset should offer 15 hours of use before needing a charge. The A50 will also work with Astro’s Command Center software for those audiophiles that want to create custom profiles.

Finally, the A50 will also be moddable thanks to a $40 mod kit, which allows you to add more sound resistant ear pads and different headbands. We checked out the outside noise suppressing ear pads, and they looked great and felt very comfortable, while also effectively sealing off ear holes from outside noise.


If you’ve been looking for a fully wireless premium gaming headset then you better start saving some cash, because the A50 retails for $300. It’ll be out sometime this August, and I find the price to match the quality, so if you can afford it, I feel you will be very happy with your purchase, albeit a much poorer gamer. You can check out the headset over at Astro to stay on top of updates.


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