The Internet is a wonderful thing, especially over the last decade. YouTube emerged and reigns supreme in the now-necessary video archival spectrum, because sometimes you just have to watch four-minutes of people getting hit in the nuts. If it wasn’t for YouTube, Daniel Tosh and Rob Dyrdek wouldn’t have been able to twitter-fight about who ripped off who, even though they both ripped off The Soup, which probably ripped off something else. We literally have the funniest videos in the world at our fingertips, so why bother watching America’s Funniest Home Videos?

In honor of Great Moments in YouTube History, we here at EB would like to acknowledge one of the front-runners (literally. He ran in front of everyone else) whose simple act of anxiousness led to one of the great videos that set the Internet on fire.

Leeroy Jenkins.

On this day, ten years ago, the classic video was posted on World of Warcraft’s forum, and was then added to YouTube the following year. Here’s the video in HD:

Leeroy Jenkins is actually a player character created by Ben Schulz, and was even included in the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game back in 2006, along with a WoW Miniatures game figurine in 2008.

Naturally, the spinoffs started flowing in. Here are a few:

Let’s also not forget the short film:

Thanks for keeping the Internet fun, Leeroy. Here’s to the next ten years of whatever craziness the World Wide Web has in store for us.


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