Happy Friday PSN Members! Don’t Forget to Check Your Credit Card Activity!

The latest news in regards to the whole PSN hacking scandal has gotten even more bleak for Sony and it’s millions of PSN subscribers.  A report from is suggesting that the hackers did in fact nab close to 2.2 million user accounts that had credit card information in them.  The real ball puncher is the fact that this information contains every bit of enhanced security layers that most CC thieves don’t get when the just steal a CC number.  Supposedly, this DB of 2.2 million PSN user’s information contains the CVV code from the credit cards as well as name, address, email, and password.  I really wish I could remember if I have a credit card in their system or not.  Hmmm.

Regardless,  all of us who have an account on the PSN should be closely monitoring our bank and credit activities over the next couple of weeks.  This latest bit of news hasn’t been confirmed by Sony, but deep down in my iron gut I’ve already resigned to the fact that some of my personal sh*t has been violated.  In fact, I pulled out the Vaseline this morning just to prepare for the next email in my Inbox that says my information is being sold to some guy in China who runs a human slave trade operation.

Sony on the Left, Gamers on the Right

This whole scenario has to be one of the most egregious acts of consumer fraud ever committed by a company that is the size of Sony.  Thank God I predominantly play my games on the Xbox 360, because I don’t know what I’d do if MS shut their online service down for over a week.  I couldn’t go out in the Sun because there isn’t any where I live, and I’d probably spontaneously combust like a Vampire anyway.  Heaven forbid I actually try and interact with people the old fashion way by actually being in the same room with them.  That would just be too 1990-ish.  These are just a few horrible alternatives that PS3 fanboys have to face during this extended outage.  Let’s pray for them my fellow gamers.  You’ve been boned by Sony…


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