Harebrained Schemes Launches Kickstarter, Bringing Golem Arcana to Mobile Devices


Harebrained Schemes, best known for their work on Shadowrun Returns, are looking to shake up the tabletop gaming market with their recent announcement of the digitally-enhanced Golem Arcana. Featuring all of the thrills and excitement of table-based miniature gaming, with the no-frills ease that digital devices allow for, Golem Arcana seeks to bridge the gap and bring a relatively complex system into the hands of millions.

This is no small feat, of course, and Harebrained has taken to Kickstarter in order to help fund development.

Going the digitally-enhanced route allows for a miniature based gaming experience that removes the clutter and confusion that so often plagues the genre. Golem Arcana features both pre-painted Golem figures and an app for both iOS and Android phones and tables that will serve as both the game’s rule book and referee.

By including the app, players will be able to jump into Golem Arcana with relative ease. Long start up times will be thrown by the wayside, allowing players to get together and jump right into the fun.


The most interesting part of Harebrained Schemes’ plans for Golem Arcana is the inclusion of a proprietary tabletop digital interface stylus that utilizes Bluetooth capabilities to identify board locations and character statistics with one simple touch, wirelessly transferring data to from the board to a player’s mobile device.

Using the stylus is Golem Arcana’s first step in ushering the next generation of tabletop miniature gaming and allows for seamless integration of both characters on the game board and within the app. No longer will would-be gamers be turned off by complex systems and rules, Golem Arcana’s app manages stats and score keeping with n0 extra effort required.

Both the stylus and app offer other unique features to the Golem Arcana experience, players will be able to save at any time, have their game results uploaded instantly, and also have quick acess to new scenarios that can change gameplay at any time.

Golem Arcana is no small undertaking, and Harebrained is happy to bring their work to Kickstarter. The team met a great response with their Shadowrun Returns campaign, and hopes to work closely with fans once more as development of Golem Arcana continues to progress.

More information of Harebrained Schemes’ Golem Arcana can be found from their newly launched Kickstarter page, as well as the various donation incentives. Gather your friends, and get ready for a tabletop miniature experience quite unlike any other, Golem Arcana is coming.

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